Darnell Scott is a one of a kind musician up and coming presence in the world of blues, R&B, and soul. From childhood he enjoyed the music of such blues & soulful artists like Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and Curtis Mayfield. Although Scott has had no formal musical training, his exciting blend of blues, gospel, and R&B  is rooted deep in his soul. His command of the stage is unique and captivating, and he delivers a song with mesmerizing style and originality. The combination of his experience, influences, and his own expressive style is evident in the way he takes authority when he is performing.

Enhancing the talent of Scott are musicians chosen for their professional command of their instruments, stage presence, and knowledge of dynamics it takes to captivate an audience. Darnell Scott provides a healthy dose of driving rhythm, soulful vocal performances, and searing blues guitar. Though accomplished in the studio, they are best savored live.


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